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Advocacy: Letter published in The Australian: ASIO wants too much, April 30, 2013

Front entrance of the building that houses the...

Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) and the Office of National Assessments. This image has been digitally altered to remove identifying features from windows and background at the request of ASIO’s Media Liaison Section when permission was given for the image’s creation and distribution. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From: The Australian 
April 30, 2013 12:00A
CASSANDRA Wilkinson is right (“Some questions to be asked about ASIO’s powers”, 27-28/4). The laws enabling state intrusion into our lives are too important to be left to the espiocrats to draft, especially when they are proposing the internet communication of every Australian be stored for two years.

ASIO argues that the law should be modernised to take account of the information revolution. At present, separate warrants are required for each kind of snooping – email, internet, post, telephone. ASIO wants the lazy way – spy on everyone.

Instead, the government should create a single warrant for state intrusion. It should be granted on application to a Federal Court judge only after ASIO has shown reasonable cause. And the law should be subject to regular parliamentary oversight.

Simon Holberton


2 thoughts on “Advocacy: Letter published in The Australian: ASIO wants too much, April 30, 2013

    • Fair point. It’s the problem of compression for publication. It wasn’t oversight so much of the judiciary but the operation of the law. How many warrants, how many refused, assessment of the need to keep the law on the books…that’s what I meant by the reference to parliamentary oversight.

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