Poetry: Night Beckonings by Beata



My being slumps into weariness

yearning to be enveloped in a cocoon of slumber,

but my mind is not at rest –

it teases me with transient thoughts

passing through on the way to somewhere

more important.

I crave for stillness

but random guests enter my head

without invitation.

I cannot turn them away

for they are also in need –

but like parasites they prey on me –

denying me my peace.

As I toss and turn,

some leave and some remain

and some return in a different form

sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker

but always there,

always lurking in the darkness of the night.


And then, without notice,

for no particular reason,

they all move on,

to another place, another time,

like a flock of birds

wheeling in the thermals,

flying as one – this way and that –

joined in unison as if tied by an invisible thread –

and then disappearing into the horizon


And I am left in peace at last.




As the world sleeps

I lie in wakefulness

alone in the company of the night.

The eerie stillness beckons me

to enter its world.

As I peer into the vortex of darkness

flickers of shadows

play with my thoughts as if to tease me.


I surrender to a world beyond the present –

one filled with regrets from the past

and possibilities for the future –

merging as one

like a gentle flowing stream

harbouring the dangers lurking beneath its surface.

Camouflaging its strong undertow

with the appearance of innocence.


I am a fallen branch

wedged in amongst the rocks.

The water streams across me and through me.

I so long for her to take me on her travels

but I must wait for nature to take its course

and free me in her own good time.



For what reason am I continually summoned to your world?

Is it to allow the flow of your thoughts in the stillness of the night?

For it is in the darkness that clarity appears

and in my sleep that I am most awake.

You play with my sub conscious

understanding it better than myself

as you piece together fears and hopes

that I thought unrelated.


When I let go of my angst

I enjoy our times together.

But I know when daybreak comes,

life’s demands will return

and I will pay the price for the time we have shared.


But you retain your hold

somehow you entice me to remain,

leading me to places where I dare not go alone.

Our thoughts emerge as one

and I must surrender to your wishes,

trusting that you will guide and protect me –

and you do – always, relentlessly,

as if aware of the fragility of my being,

encasing the darkness

in the knowledge

that soon dawn will come

and it will be light again.

Beata ©






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